VisionScore [Model VMV1]

Dedicated Console published 44 years ago by Videomaster

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VisionScore © 1977 Videomaster. [Waddingtons Videomaster Ltd.] [London, England]

A Pong console from Videomaster in color.

Built-in games: Football, Tennis, Squash.


Model VMV1CPU: MM-57105 from National Semiconductor


The VisionScore (model VMV1) was released in 1977 and has several common points with the Strika II and the ColourScore. Like the ColourScore, il uses the National Semiconductor MM-57105 game chip and delivers a color picture. It has the same case as the Strika II and only differs by the four push-buttons, one switch and the decoration. Therefore, there is nothing to say about this system, except that it does not operate with batteries as the internal circuits use a large space in the case. Separate controllers could be used to replace the fixed knobs.