Virtual Pinball [Model 7206]

Sega Genesis game published 26 years ago by Electronic Arts

Virtual Pinball [Model 7206] screenshot

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Virtual Pinball © 1994 Electronic Arts.


Cartridge ID: 7206


[FR] Consoles +: 80%
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Game Design: Bill Budge, Nicholas Corea, Jim Simmons
Programming: Bill Budge
Producer: Jim Simmons
Assistant Producer: Jeff Glazier
Graphics: Nicholas Corea
Music and Sound Effects: Nu*Romantic Productions
Technical Director: Tim Brengle
Product Manager: David Sze
Package Design: E. J. Sarraile Design Group
Illustration: Jean-Francois Podevin
Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Documentation: Valerie E. Hanscom
Documentation Layout and Illustration: Tom Peters
Testing Manager: Randy Delucchi
Product Testing: Tony Iuppa, Yun Shin, Mike Lopez
Quality Assurance: Bill Scheppler
Public Relations: Fiona Murphy
Original Game Concept: Bill Budge
Board Design: Bill Budge, Mike Lopez, Tony Iuppa, Jordan Maynard, Bryan C. Beckstrand


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