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Arcade Video game published 16 years ago by TAB-Austria

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Virtual Pinball © 05/2003 TAB-Austria.

The following games (not only pinball!) can be choosen from the game menu :
1) Popstar : Virtual pinball game with 3 tables. The player can influence the run of the ball by bumping the Virtual Pinball or the terminal can be set in the 'TILT' condition, like in the 'good old days'.
2) AirCommander : A shooting game. As a pilot of a helicopter you have to try to fulfil the tasks. During the flight through the different landscapes over and over again enemy objects appear which have to be eliminated by clever manoeuvre and specific missions of the available weapons.
3) Bubbles : A fast action game, during which the play field is cleared by skillfully placing the balls. The track ball is used for steering and the pushbuttons for placing the balls. Within the game there are once again many hidden features and the possibility to change the perspective of the current view. A rip-off of Taito' s "Puzzle Bobble".
4) Pirates of Sea : A new, fast Pirate-Pinball, that really gives the player a unforgettable ride. Find the lost treasure. Breathtaking 3D graphics and tropical grooves make this Pinball an unique experience.
5) Crazy Marbles : A skill game just like the classics back in the 80s but with free rotatable 3D graphics and Trackball-control. You've got to navigate the sensitive marble through the territory into the goal within the time limit. Be careful, there are many hindrances and hostily reflected living beings.
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Sound : Creative Soundblaster modell 4750
Graphics : ATI Radeon 7500
Display: LG 42'' Plasma Display


The system updates can be installed via hard disk or existing online connection. The updates is also used to release new games.

Michael Jackson used to own this game. It was sold at the official Michael Jackson Auction on Apr. 24th, 2009.
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V1.00 (S115)
* First version released : 15/05/2003

V1.01 (S116)
* Released date : 15/03/2003
* PIN included for testmode and supervisor;
* Tilt Sensor improved;
* Language selection for testmode added;
* General language is english!
* The basic language (selectable in testmode) determines the language of testmode and the keyboard layout during the game.

V1.02 (S119)
* Release date : 22/06/2003
* Reaktion of flippers and ball much faster;
* Ball bounce possible;
* Countries, wich are activated but not cleared are marked red instead of yellow.

V1.10 (S124)
* Release Date : 03/09/2003
* Absolut realistic ball run;
* Additional side game (entry by hitting the middle ramp three times);
* 'Skill-Shot' has been designed new;
* Realistic simulation of the deflection of the ball by hitting the Virtual Pinball;
* Country tasks have been organized easier and will be explained in detail;
* If a country task is fulfilled the trackball can be used for crossing (the stargate (entry into the hotel room));
* By shaking you can overturn the furniture in the bonus level;
* If all the country tasks have been fulfilled, you will get a fivefold (bonus at the hotel room);
* The obtainable points will be announced at all targets;
* Graphical revision : targets, ramps, holes and pictures are eleborated (better in terms of colour);
* Sounds and animation are perfectly adapted to the game flow;
* Final score game for free credit has been integrated (activate or deactivate in the testmode);
* ChampionsNet has been implemented;
* VDAI has been integrated.

V1.11 (S126)
* Release date : 29/10/2003
* Analog modems are working in all slots;
* Ranking list of the players after 2-4 player game.

V1.12 (S130)
* Release date : 03/12/2003
* Online tournament integrated;
* Online service integrated;
* Continue : After der game one ball can be bought for one credit (even if the price for the game is adjusted to two credits, Continue is just one credit);
* Sidegame : a 6th level has been added, that way higher scores are possible;
* 'Speed up' : in order to avoid long game periods, the speed is increased 4 times after every 5 minutes (by 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%) - Display of GOLD, PLATINUM, GRAMMY and KPPR AWARD;
* Scoring has been adjusted (more points in the hotel room and for the jackpot);
* TAB information page with display of the version number and access to the supervisor - test mode can be called up on the TAB page by pressing the ball shoot button (the TAB page is the third page in the Popstar menu, after 'Scores' and 'Help');
* The supervisor test mode can be activated by pressing the bottom left pinball button on the TAB information page (only if a PIN code is set);
* Restricted ChampionsNet menu can also called up in the supervisor test mode;
* 'BALL SAVE' has been improved;
* Radio station : ball does not fall behind the net anymore, the net is always closed after the Multiball;
* Minimum power of the shoot out has been increased.

V1.13 (S130)
* Release date : 07/01/2004
* No standby picture for Online Tournament, if there is no tournament running.

V1.14 (S133)
* Release date : 14/01/2004
* Advertising pages will be show in tournament menu;
* Tournament pages will be shown more often during StandBy.

V1.15 (S133)
* Release date : 11/03/2004
* No changes in the game software, only internal changes necessary for online update.

V1.16 (S133)
* Release date : 11/03/2004
* Display of 'Tournament Game', when a game is played in a tournament;
* Short display (flying text), when ones rises in rank in the highscore table (for rank X : YYYY points! or Highscore!);
* Translations into : Englisch, German, Italian, French and Spanish;
* Difficulty adjustment in the test mode (easy/medium/difficult) influences the game speed (+/- ca 5%). Note : adjustment not possible with networked machines in the Championsnet);
* Speed (Gold/Platin/..) increases faster (4/3/2/2/.. minutes before speed rise).

V1.17 (S133)
* Release date : 07/04/2004
* AirCommander : Advertising pages are not displayed in Vienna and Lower Austria;
* Test mode : The activation of the feature games (free game) is possible again;
* Difficulty stages have been made easier again.
* With the Austrian dongle the configurations AW and AN can be adjusted in the test mode.

V2.00 (S133)
* Release date : 11/03/2004
* New game added ! : AirCommander (Helicopter Shooter with 3 levels);
* Classification ASK Germany - POPSTAR : ASK0 - AIR COMMANDER : ASK12
* V-Plus update possible;
* Test mode : Pirates of the Sea preview video enabled (switched off in default);

V2.01 (S135)
* Release date : 07/04/2004
* Stability problems caused by excessive pressing of the buttons (Screen goes black after the AirCommander game) have been erased;
* AirCommander : Advertising pages are not displayed in Vienna and Lower Austria;
* AirCommander level statistics have been corrected;
* Test mode : The activation of the feature game (free game) is possible again;
* Difficulty stages have been made easier again;
* Animations during loading procedures (one for every level);
* With the Austrian dongle the configuration is adjustable in the test mode.

V2.02 (S137)
* Release date : 01/06/2004
* Menu : Popstar and AirCommander tournament switch automatically every 30 seconds;
* With an A dongle the selected configuration (A_N, A_W, ... ) is displayed on the info page;
* VP text resources in Czech;
* AirCommander : When the reticule appears the shots always aim at the targets;
* AirCommander : Integration of the suspense music at the end of the levels;
* AirCommander: diverse changes (sounds, score and health bar flash with changes, ...).

V2.12 (S138)
* Release date : 26/07/2004
* Visual time display for shoot-out with Bubbles;
* Advertising pictures that are in the standby index are saved;
* Bubbles has been approved in Vienna;
* 2/3/4 player games are possible in Popstar again;
* TILT sensor functions in the test mode;
* Error, when the bomb has destroyed the last ball, has been removed;
* Volume control reacts in proper manner again.

V2.13 (S138)
* Release date : 16/08/2004
* Credit display has been centered;
* Sound setups have been adapted (standby and game volume);
* Volume of the machine has been adjusted (same volume everywhere);
* Test mode crash has been deleted;
* System version number in test mode;
* Approval for Popstar, AirCommander and Bubbles (in the Netherlands).

V2.14 (S138)
* Release date : 07/09/2004
* After passing the standby the basis language will be adjusted - if it will not be stopped;
* When insert the credit the terminal leaves the standby mode;
* Credit symbol has been changed;
* Debit order only after successful game start;
* Counter will be activated;
* VDAI problems removed;
* Button selection will be explained in the main menu (new graphic arts);
* Permission for bubbles in Belgium;

V2.30 (S139)
* Release date : 10/03/2005
* New game : Crazy Marbles (desactivated in Belgium, Austria_N and Austria W);
* Bubbles : Continue and Quick Restart has been installed;
* Pirates : display when launching the wreck. 'All Quests Complete' - display covers the ball no longer. Increase of highscores, 'Ball Locked' Sound;
* Turn-off of Euro operation - button in testmode is desactivated;
* Warning in testmode when tilt sensor ist not installed;
* Menu does not allow any '-scores';
* Tournament registration (register/cancel) improved;

V2.32 (S141)
* Release date : 01/04/2005
* Crazy Marbles : Multiplayermode is working fine;
* Testmode : 'Tilt Sensor adjustment error' is corrected;
* Turkey : Unit of currency changed (0,1 Lira is available);
* Crazy Marbles : Quickstart, Continue;
* N?, Wien, Belgien: Pirates and Marble are approved;
* Radeon 9250 is integrated;

V2.40 (S141)
* Release date : 17/05/2005
* NEW : Popstar 2005 (instead of game Popstar);
* Bill Acceptor allowed in Netherlands;
* All games with Continue - even in Tournament mode.

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