Viking [Model 1198]

Coin-op Pinball published 39 years ago by Bally Mfg.

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Viking © 1980 Bally.


Bally MPU AS-2518-35
Model Number : 1198

Main CPU : M6800 (@ 475 KHz)
Sound CPU : M6802 (@ 895 KHz)
Sound chips : General Instrument AY8910 (@ 895 KHz)


Released in July 1980. 2,600 units were produced.

The development of this game took 8 months (started in December 1979).

O'Connor stated he designed the artwork for this game, delivered to him as a white-wood, because he was reading Frans Gunner Bengtsson's 'The Long Ships' at the time. The back-glass is O'Connor's vision of King Harald's Christmas feast.

The character in green (with a beard) to the left of the fighters is a self-portrait by O'Connor. Brook Shields (popular at the time) is drawn as a background character on the right.


Design by : Jim Patla
Art by : Kevin O'Connor

Game's ROM.