Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense [Model NUS-NVGE-USA]

Nintendo 64 Game published 19 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense © 2000 Activision, Incorporated.

Sound your barbaric disco yawp over the rooftops of the world.

The original Vigilante 8 for N64 oozed 70s nostalgia and burst at the seams with great multiplayer gaming. Second Offense offers more of the same, with a healthy supply of new features and options to keep things interesting.

It was 1975 when the Vigilantes finally defeated Slick Clyde and his Coyote gang. Thirty years later and still burnin' mad, the chief Coyote gets his claws on a time machine. Slick Clyde decides to travel back in time to the 1970s, two years before the Vigilantes handed him a humiliating defeat in the first game.

Of course, Clyde takes advantage of this situation and brings with him enough high-powered futuristic weapons to give the Coyotes a major advantage. Activision takes full advantage of this premise as well, producing a great mix of characters and themes from the 1970s and the next millennium.

Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense features a total of 18 fully loaded vehicles and maladjusted drivers. Eight of the characters appeared in the original V8, and the other 10 are all-new drivers. Some of the new characters are from the 1970s, while others are futuristic warriors snagged from the year 2005 by Slick Clyde.

The heart of the gaming experience --blow up everything-- has not changed on jot. Activision has added more depth to the game, though, with detailed objectives for players to perform in each level. The missions change depending on the driver, so there are quite a few ways to play through the game.

In addition to new weapons and special attacks, vehicle-morphing power-ups are now available in each level. Special treads provide a better grip in the snow, and a propeller power-up allows any car to cruise across the water. Some areas can only be accessed through the use of these new tools.

One of the more rewarding features in 2nd Offense is the ability to build up the statistics of your car. After totaling a competitor, points can be collected which permanently beef up your ride. Save your data to a Controller Pak and you're ready to pummel your friends no matter where you play.

By far, the best way to enjoy Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense is with a group of friends. Four players can compete in three deathmatch modes, or two players can cooperatively work through the game's Quest Mode.

Activision hasn't ignored the single-player game, which is more rewarding than ever thanks to the ability to build up vehicle stats. For players who don't have the patience to work through 18 different quests, an Arcade Mode is in place for no-brainer bashing.

Second Offense features great vehicle graphics and special effects, but unfortunately frequent pop-up damages the visual appeal. The play control reacts well in all of the environments, although you should be prepared for a tough time behind the wheel when you pick up the hover power-up.

Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense is packed with surprises and a healthy dose of 70s-style humor. Like its predecessor, a focus on fun-filled four-player gaming will make this Pak a party favorite.




Released on Dec 28, 1999 in North America.


Designed & Developed By
Luxoflux Corp.: Peter Morawiec, Adrian Stephens, David Goodrich, Edvard Toth, Cary Hara, Justin Rasch, Micah Linton, Jeremy Engleman, Jing Jia, Louis Garcia

Publisher: Activision
Executive Producer: Murali Tegulapalle
Associate Producer: Bryant Bustamante

In-Game Music
Straylight Prods.: Alexander Brandon, Daniel Gardopee
Theme Song Orig. Ver. (Sound Element): Christian A. Salyer, Eric Klein

In-Game Sound FX
The Audio Group: Tim Gedemer

Voice Over
Production (Sound Element): Christian A. Salyer
Voice Actors: J. Barrow, Sam Brown, Annessa Burdow, Martin Chandler, Donna Davis, Jeannie Figueroa, Brandon H., Terry H., David A. Johnston, Reggie Kennedy, Eric Klein, Heather Kram, Raynard McClease, Marci Richards, Christian A. Salyer, Cisco Santacruz, Ruben Sierra, Terrance L. Underwood

Slide Show Images
Script & Production: Luxoflux Corp.
3D Character Models (Burke Studios): Steve Burke, Teod Tomlinson, Dan Burke
Additional Vehicle Models: Creat Studio
Storyboards (Famous Frames): Collin Grant

Activision Studios
Sr. V.P., Studios: Stephen Crane

Activision Inc.
V.P., Global Brand Management: Marc Metis
Brand Manager: Will Kassoy
Marketing Associate: Brad Carraway
Manager of Corporate Communications: Julia Roether
Senior Publicist: Amy King
Junior Publicist: Shannon Flannery

Production Manager: Ron Graening
Documentation Manager: Michael Rivera
Manual Layout: Sylvia Orzel

Quality Assurance
QA Manager: Marilena Morini
Night Manager: Sam Nouriani
Sr. Project Leads: Aaron Casillas, Joseph Favazza
Project Leads: Christopher Toft, Eric Koch, Nelson Prince
Testers: Geoffrey Olsen, Peter Muravez, Seth Williams, Scott Karbel, Russel Shirely, Jason Potter, Frank So, Christian Bierman, Eric Zimmerman, Bryan Anderson, William Arnspiger, Daniel Ramirez, Edmond Puccio, Chris Rangel, Sean C. Heffron, Chad Mutchler, Jefrey Sedivy, Tanya Oviedo, Raj Joshi
External Test Coordinator: Stacey Ganem

Activision U.K.
Sr. V.P., International Bob Dewar
Product Marketing Manager (U.K. / R.O.E.): Matthew Walker
Product Marketing Manager (France): Guillaume Lairan
Product Marketing Manager (Germany): Christian Streil
Localization Supervisor: Nathalie Ranson
Special Thanks: Joaquin Alvarez, Daniel Atkins, Gene Bahng, Brian Bright, Sarah Cigliano, Brian Clarke, Todd Quincey Jefferson, Michael Hand, Diane Nelson, James Riordan, George Rose, David Stohl, Matt Stubbs, Jim Summers, Jason Wong, Stacey Ytuarte

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