Videomaster Rally [Model VM4]

Dedicated Console published 46 years ago by Videomaster

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Videomaster Rally © 1975 Videomaster.

A pong console from Videomaster featuring 4 games.

Built-in games: Tennis, Find The Gap, Wall Game, Stonewaller.


Model VM4


The first game was the simplest version of Tennis (PONG), just like the original 1968 prototype built at Sanders Associates by Ralph Baer and his team: two paddles and a ball. No central line, no on-screen scoring, no sound effects. Service was manual and scores were registered using two linear cursors on the system itself.

The second type of games was same as the first with only one difference: the right paddle was inverted to form a vertical line with a hole. The user manual proposed three games in this mode: Find The Gap (single player game where the ball had to go into the hole), Wall Game (same in two-player mode, where the second player would mode the hole to increase difficulty) and Stonewaller, a Squash game in solo (so called "Practice" with other systems): by turning the knob of the second player to the minimum or maximum position, the paddle was located outside of the screen in order to leave a vertical line.

More games could be imagined depending on how the hole was placed on the screen. For example, Solo Basketball could be played if the hole was put on the top of the screen so as to form a basketball net. Mouse could also be played by moving the hole on the bottom of the screen to acts as a mouse hole, where the ball (mouse) would go.


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