Video Story Book

A Astrocade Game by Unknown

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Video Story Book © 198? Unknown


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This is a complete mystery! The story (rumor) is that it was found in a desk drawer in a rented office (furnished) in Chicago when the office changed tenants. Nobody seemed to know anything about it, and it changed hands until it was handed to John Perkins who had just left his aerospace job in Virginia Beach to work for Dave Nutting. Yet no one there knew anything about it either! John sent the software to his father (Clyde) who passed it on to Dave Carson when he visited Boyne City in 1983. Yet no announcement appears anywhere before 1985! The name Video Story Book was on the original find and remains there despite the rumor of it being an early forerunner of Creative Crayon. It does almost anything the enhanced version was touted to do, but does not fit the description given.

Game's ROM.
FAQ by Paul Thacker, Adam Trionfo and Mike White