Video Speedway - The Ultimate Racing Experience [Model 810 0032]

Phillips CD-i CD-ROM published 26 years ago by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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Video Speedway - The Ultimate Racing Experience © 1993 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

Welcome to life in the fast lane, heart-pounding competition in high performance racing machines! You're at the wheel, advancing through ten of the world's toughest professional race tracks. Jump start your career with kart finals, accelerate to Formula 3000 competition, and take the lead with Formula 1 championships! You and up to three other drivers must sharpen your skills, knowledge and equipment to compete against the eight opponents on each track. Consult with a real pit mechanic for advice on fine-tuning your car. Press the pedal to the metal along to the beat of a hard driving rock score. Then watch the instant replay with live video footage of tyre-screeching action and fiery crashes. Finish in the top three and accept your trophy in the winner's circle! Drivers: start your engines!


Model 810 0032


Export releases:
[US] 310690093-2


Developed by : ISG Productions (division of Interactive Support Group)

Pit Mechanic: Keith McCarthy
Trophy Presenter: Tina Desiree Berg
Race Driver: Dion DeRizzo
Replay Announcer: Dion DeRizzo
Help and Track Info: Jerry Winsett

Senior Software Engineer: Lee Chidgey
Software Engineer: Frederick Azera

Artists: Bruce Hall, Joseph McGuffin, Heidi Turnipseed
3-D Modeller: Brandon MacDougall

Video Camera Operator: Vic Vinson
Stock Video Footage: Budget Films Stock Footage, National Kart News
Video Digitizing: PixelPost
Still Photographer: Sheffield Abella
Stock Photographs: Bettmann Archives

Music: Matt Chidgey
Sound Effects: AnEFX
Audio Recording: Carrottop Studios
Asset Conversion: Tim Powers
Technical Director: Regis Bridon

Executive Producers: Regis Bridon, Vincent LeChevalier
Producer: David Mullich

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