Venture [Model 2457]

Atari 2600 Cart. published 37 years ago by Coleco Industries, Inc.

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Venture © 1982 Coleco Industries, Incorporated.

You'll begin your venture in the first hall of chambers. Each chamber houses one treasure, guarded by herd of horrible and dangerous monsters. Your goal is to capture the treasure in every chamber. To do so, you must get past the Hallmonsters, enter each chamber, and capture the treasure. The order for entering the chambers is up to you. But once you grab a treasure from a chamber, you're locked out of that chamber for good.

Capturing the treasure is no easy task. Once you enter a chamber, you must be alert. While you're running for the treasure, the monsters inside the chamber are running after you. You can stop them by killing them with your arrows. But grab the treasure first, then shoot them, to win points. If you run into a chamber monster, dead or alive, you'll lose a Winky.

As if this weren't enough to worry about, those pesky Hallmonsters are gettinng impatient. If you stay inside a chamber too long, they'll come in to get you. You cannot shoot Hallmonsters, however. The only way to protect yourself is to run from them. If they get you, you'll lose a Winky.

The trickiest chamber of all is the Wall Room. Here you can reach the treasure only by careful timing. Unfortunately for you, you can't shoot the moving, electrified walls.

If you capture the treasure in every chamber, you'll descend to a new hall of chambers, even more horrible and dangerous than the previous one.

Remember that Winky has three backups to help out in case he runs into trouble. The game is over if you use up all four of the Winkies.


Model 2457


Programmer: Joseph Biel

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