Vectron [Model 5788]

A 36-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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Vectron © 1982 Mattel Electronics

Hungrees, G-spheres, splits, sweeps, and prizums -- the nasties of the universe are back again, and they're nastier and tougher than ever! This time they're out to stop you from constructing the energy bases that build your score, level by level. The higher the level, the harder the nasties are to fend off. Challenge your friends and see who can rack up the highest score before the nasties destroy your energy blocks or you run out of energy.

On each level, construct an energy base, section by section. Add each section by moving your energy block in place and filling it with anenergy blast. Work fast to complete a base before the nasties nibble it away. If a section gets nibbled, you must build it again. When you complete a base you advance to the next level. Protect your energy block against nasties who can destroy it. Shoot them down with energy blasts. Or neutralize them with special energy from an E-Pak. Don't run out of energy or you lose an energy block. Three energy blocks per game. When they're gone, the game is over.


Model 5788


Mark wanted to capture the speed and color of the arcade game Tempest in an Intellivision title. The challenge was that Tempest used vector graphics, while the Intellivision used TV's standard raster graphics. To reflect that the game would have a vector graphics look and feel, Mark chose the name 'Vectrix'. Unfortunately, late in the development of the game, the Vectrex Arcade System from General Consumer Electronics (later bought by Milton Bradley) was announced -- a self-contained home game system that used true vector graphics. Mattel briefly considered fighting for the name, then decided to let it go. The game was briefly titled 'Vortex' before the final name 'Vectron' was chosen.


* Stay away from Free Style Mode in normal game play. It is difficult to precisely control the movement of the energy block in Free Style Mode.

* HOLD DOWN either Lower Side button while pressing the disc tofire energy blasts into the energy block. This saves time and lets you move around the energy base more rapidly, increasing your chances of completing it before the nasties nibble it away.

* Try to position your energy block to capture released energy from an E-PAK just before completing a game level. This will restore your current energy block to full energy and increase the number of bonus points you receive for that level. No new E-PAKS will appear on the screen after you have completed a base.

* Concentrate on constructing your energy base, rather than on destroying nasties. Remember, energy blasts USE energy. If you deplete your energy block on nasties, you may run out of energy before completing the base.

* A reinforced energy block is your best defense against nasties. Try to hit the E-PAK as soon as it appears on the screen, positioning your energy block to capture the energy while it is still orange.
If you are not in the right position to capture the energy, switch to Free Style mode temporarily. When you get the energy, return to normal game play.

* If a nasty is hovering at the point where new energy blocks appear, a new energy block could be destroyed as soon as it is created. To prevent this, shoot the nasty BEFORE the new energy block appears. You can still fire your V-Gun, even without an energy block on screen.


Design, Program, Sound: Mark Urbaniec
Graphics: Connie Goldman

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