Vectorman [Model 1577-50]

The Sega Mega Drive Game by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. (EXPORT VERSION)

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[CONSOLE] Sega Mega Drive Game

Vectorman © 1995 Sega Enterprises, Limited.


Game ID: 1577-50
Package ID: 670-7427-50
Cartridge ID: 670-7426-50


Vectorman for the Sega Mega Drive was released on November 30, 1995 in Europe. It was then released in Australia the next year.

This game didn't appear in Japan and Asia until the compilation and Virtual Console releases several years later (see Ports below).



Sony PlayStation 2 japan (aug.11, 2005) "Sonic Gems Collection [Model SLPM-66074]"
Sony PlayStation 2 europe (sept.30, 2005) "Sonic Gems Collection [Model SLES-53350]"
Nintendo GameCube japan (aug.11, 2005) "Sonic Gems Collection [Model DOL-G2XJ-JPN]"
Nintendo GameCube europe (sept.30, 2005) "Sonic Gems Collection [Model DOL-G2XP-EUR]"
Sony PlayStation 2 europe (feb.2, 2007) "Sega Mega Drive Collection [Model SLES-54333]"
Sony PlayStation 2 australia (feb.8, 2007) "Sega Mega Drive Collection"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] japan (feb.27, 2007) [Model MASJ]
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] europe australia (apr.7, 2007) [Model MASP]
Sony PlayStation 3 korea (feb.10, 2009) "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection" by SCEI
Microsoft XBOX 360 europe (feb.20, 2009) "SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection [Model 384-40210]"
Sony PlayStation 3 europe australia (feb.20, 2009) "SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection [Model BLES-00475]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 australia (feb.26, 2009) "Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection"


Sony PSP europe (feb.2, 2007) "Sega Mega Drive Collection [Model ULES-00556]"
Sony PSP australia (feb.8, 2007) "Sega Mega Drive Collection [Model ULES-00556]"


PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] europe (sept.3, 2010) "Sega Mega Drive Classics Collection Vol. 1"
PC [Steam] europe (june.1, 2010) both stand-alone and as part of "Sega Mega Drive Classics Pack 1"
PC [MS Windows, DVD-ROM] europe (mar.18, 2011) "Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection - Gold Edition"
PC [Steam] europe (mar.25, 2011) "SEGA Mega Drive Classics Collection"

Game's ROM.

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