Valis II - The Fantasm Soldier [Model TJCD9001]

A 29-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Telenet Japan

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????II © 1989 Telenet Japan.

(Valis II)

Valis II is a side scrolling platform game by Telenet and was the first PC Engine game ever released by the Japanese company. After the events of the first Valis and the fall of the evil ruler Rogles, peace returns to Earth and Vekanti (the Dream World). Y?ko Asao, the series' central heroine and prophesied savior of Vekanti and mankind, saved the world but lost her best friend Reiko in the struggle. In Valis II, the evil emperor Megasu (aka Magus), lord of the Spirits, is on a quest to become the new king of Vekanti. He has ordered his army of demons to prepare for a wide-scale invasion and the blue haired Y?ko is determined to thwart him and his plans. Armed with the legendary and mystical Valis sword, Y?ko transforms into a Fantasm Soldier and fights the battle that will seal the fate of the Dream World. The sword only fires small waves of energy at first and power-ups can be collected along the way to increase its powers (they range from two-way fire to double wave laser, homing missiles and so forth...). Yuuko can also learn magic spells over the course of the game such as the rotating shield or the temporary invincibility. Valis II is vast and features six varied and long stages periodically interrupted by increasingly elaborate cutscenes which became the core trademark of the series.


Game ID: TJCD9001


Valis II was released on June 23, 1989 in Japan for 6780 Yen.

This PC Engine version of Valis II is probably the weakest of them all. The game was first released for the MSX, the Sharp X68000 and NEC PC-8800 in 1989. Although it was supposed to feature enhanced graphics and cinematics, the PC Engine version cutscenes (displayed inside small sub-windows) don't come anywhere near the ones featured in the excellent Sharp X68000 game. The levels and gameplay are also totally different and the Sharp X68000 (and MSX) features an armor and weapon upgrade system. It also seems that the computer and console versions of Valis II slightly differ in term of story.
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