Up'n Down [Model 009-01]

A 34-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by SEGA Enterprises

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Up'n Down © 1984 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

You're racing your BAJA BUGGER over a dangerous, treacherous road. But your opponents aren't just trying to win the race, they're trying to make it the last race you run. To stay alive, jump your BAJA BUGGER and land on top of your opponents.

Earn points by collecting flags, balloons and other prizes along the course. Watch out for PICK-UP TRUCKS and WEDGE CARS. They'll try to collide with you...and if they do, you're dead.

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the wildest strip of road you've ever been crazy enough to drive.


Model 009-01


This 2600 version was notable for its jarring background music. The arcade version's "bluesy F-sharp minor groove" was transformed by the Atari 2600's sound tunings into "a very unsettling version based in C minor with a flattened melodic sound".


Collect Flag: 75 Points.
Collect Cherry: 50 Points.
Collect Balloon: 65 Points.
Collect Lollypop: 70 Points.
Collect Ice Cream Cone: 75 Points.
Jump on Pick-up Truck: 100 Points.
Jump on Flag Carrier: 125 Points.
Jump on Camaro: 150 Points.
Jump on truck: 175 Points.


Programmer: Phat Ho

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