Unknown name 2 [Arrange Ball]

A 42-year-old Pachinko by Taiyo

Not emulated in MAME


Unknown name 2 [Arrange Ball] © 1976 Taiyo Company, Limited.

A Japanese arrange ball pachinko machine. Player inserts a token and 16 balls roll to the enclosed shooter. The balls are then shot onto the playfield and land in various, numbered pockets. The object is to light numbers in a column and/or row for points (token payout). There are 16 numbered pockets at the bottom of the playfield which light the corresponding number on the center bingo-type display. Other pockets include 2 that immediately pay out a token if a ball enters and two others that return the ball to be shot again. These 4 pockets are of the "tulip" type in that each pocket has 2 petals that open or close when a ball enters depending on their previous state. This action is purely mechanical and is a very common feature on many pachinko machines. There are also 3 "pass-thru" pockets at the top of the playfield and are red, white, and blue. When a ball passes thru the red or white one, it increases the score of the corresponding completed horizontal row by one. The blue pass thru increases the completed blue horizontal row by two. The colored indicator to the left of the row lights when activated. The top white indicator stays lit throughout the game and there is no score increase pass-thru for it.
The red bonus pocket automatically lights the number 9 and at the player's discretion, will also light the 3, 10, and 14. A multicolored light in the upper right also lights to indicate that the bonus mode is active. It's up to the player to utilize the bonus when it is most advantageous by pressing the green bonus button. If the bonus is not used it will carry over to subsequent games and is a clever way to keep players playing. Payouts are given by starting a new game or by pressing the payout button. For each token paid out, the upper right tri-colored lens flashes once.


Unknown name 2 [Arrange Ball] the Pachinko
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All vertical rows pay one,horizontal rows from top to bottom pay 1,2,3, and 4. The horizontal rows (bottom 3) with pass thru activation pay 2,3, and 5.
Max payout per game is 15.