A 12-year-old Arcade Video Game by Global VR

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UltraPin © 2006 Global VR.

Only have space for one pinball game in your location? Tired of replacing parts and maintaining the same pinball game over and over? UltraPin is the answer.
UltraPin allows you to have many different Pinball tables on one cabinet. Choose from proven favorites such as "Xenon (Bally)", "Attack from Mars", "F-14 Tomcat", "Medieval Madness", "Sorcerer" and "Strikes and Spares". The Best of Pinball with None of the Hassle!

UltraPin features our U-Shock Board which allows players to interact with the cabinet for a totally realistic pinball experience. You can BUMP and NUDGE the cabinet to affect the ball in play - just like real pinball. Ultrapin's realistic ball movement matches the feel of the original tables.


UltraPin the Arcade Video Game
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The game has 2 LCD screens, one for the black glass and the other one on the play field.


UltraPin was released in December 2006 in USA.

Manufactured under license from Williams Electronics Games, Inc. UltraPin was originally developed by UltraCade Technologies which was bought by Global VR in 2006.

This game was developed on updated Visual Pinball engine with hardware DX 9 and Visual PinMAME. The operational system is Windows XP Embedded.


Executive Producer : John Ray

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