Ultra Vortek [Model J9082E]

A 23-year-old Atari Jaguar Cart. by Atari

Ultra Vortek [Model J9082E] screenshot

Emulated in MAME !

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Ultra Vortek © 1995 Atari Corp.


Model J9082E


* Cheats (at options screen):
- Uppercut Annihilations (during 'Annihilation Time'):
Uppercut opponent (D+Punch). Works with any character only on the 'Stoned Poseidon', 'Hell's Kitchen', or 'Temple of the Vortek' stages.
- Anvil Annihilations (during 'Inner City Chaos Stage' only):
Do this far from opponent so you don't get crushed by the anvil that drops from the sky. D, D, D, then:
A (for Lucius, Dreadloc, and Skullcrusher)
B (for Volcana and Grok)
C (for Buzzsaw and Mercury).

* Easter Eggs:
- Enable speed selector option (at title screen):
1+5+9 ('fight' confirms) (can select normal or turbo speed)
- Hidden Backgrounds (during background select screen):
Subway Passage: '*'
Hidden Palace: '#'
- Hidden Characters:
Carbon: Must be on Hard or Killer level, one-player mode, 'Earthquake Zone' stage, win a double perfect. Carbon will be on 'Subway Passage' stage. Easy way to get a double perfect in 'Earthquake Zone': at beginning of game, beat the first opponent then lose & continue for the others until 'Earthquake Zone', then get in one hit and block until the timer runs out.
- Enable voice modem (at title screen): 9,1,1 (emergency on phone pad)
- Test Mode (enter at the 'EYE'): 1+2+3+7+9+Option
- Change Music/Sound FX/Volume (in the middle of a round): Pause, A/B/C

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