Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 [Model SNS-A3ZE-USA]

Nintendo Super NES game published 24 years ago by Williams Ent., Inc.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 [Model SNS-A3ZE-USA] screenshot

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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 © 1996 Williams Ent., Incorporated.

The fight of your life...

Enter the world of ULTIMATE Mortal Kombat 3 and discover what awaits you... 23 immediately playable Fighters and 2 Bosses including old adversaries with new combos, fatalities, brutalities & babalities. They're looking for you! Find a secret fighter hidden within the game if you can, battle against the computer, opt for 2-on-2 fighting or try out the very cool 8 Fighter Tournament mode! Features dazzling graphics, incredible sound and motion-capture technology produce the most realistic battles you'll ever fight!

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Cartridge ID: SNS-A3ZE-USA
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for Super NES was released in October 1996 in North America.

Animalities have been removed, but they were replaced with Brutalities. These finishing moves involve a series of multi-hitting attacks that end with the explosion of the victim. Showing "Mercy", which was required for an Animality, remained in the game, however.

Rain and Noob Saibot are made playable characters for the first time, and Mileena, Ermac, and Classic Sub-Zero are playable without the Ultimate Kombat Kodes. Much like in Mortal Kombat 3, Motaro and Shao Kahn are also playable through codes used in the main menu, but only one player may use one of them at a time.

The announcer no longer says the name of the characters when they are selected or when they win a round in a match.

Sheeva has been removed from the roster due to size limitations, however, in the 8-man endurance tournament, if Random Select is activated, it may select an "E" that represents Sheeva. However, the graphic data for Sheeva was deleted entirely, so she is invisible, but her moves still work, she is very fast, but prone to crashing the game and causing a few glitches.

There are only ten treasures of Shao Kahn instead of twelve.

The portal stage from MK3 is present in the game through a third-party device, but the graphics were replaced with the UMK3 "Choose Your Destiny" screen and the music played in the stage is the same as in MK3.

Sonya uses her Friendship from MK3 instead of her UMK3 Friendship.

Ermac's fatality is altered, Rain and Noob Saibot were given Babalities, Brutalities, and Stage fatalities, but had no Fatalities.

Scorpion's "Hellraiser" fatality is different and no longer censored unlike in the arcade.

Kitana's "Kiss of Death" only inflates the opponent's head, like Kabal's "Air Pump" fatality.

There are only seven Kombat Zones, the five new stages and the other two (The Rooftop and The Pit 3) being reserved for the bosses.

Nominated to Nintendo Power Awards '96 in the category of Best Tournament Fighting Game.
At the "Start, Options" screen, enter these codes to enable these secret menus:

Kool Stuff: Right, Up, B, B, A, Down, Up, B, Down, Up, B
Kooler Stuff: Up, B, A, Left, Down, Y
Scott's Stuff: B, A, Down, Down, Left, A, X, B, A, B, Y
Sound Test: Left, Down, Y, Y

Hold the L and R buttons and press Start on the main menu screen to begin Tournament mode.
Game's ROM.