U.S. Ski Team Skiing [Model 1817]

A 38-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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U.S. Ski Team Skiing © 1980 Mattel Electronics

The slopes are groomed. Skiers are at the top of the course. It's the first run of the day. Push off to start the race. Blitz through the downhill gates! Jump the moguls and look out for the trees! Keep the skis flat to build up speed... Then meet the challenge on the twisting slalom course. Dig in the edges through the hairpin turns. Timing must be precise. Race the clock... compete with other skiers! Best time in 3 heats wins!


Model 1817


A couple years after the game was finished, a Mattel programmer needed to take a look at the original APh source code. He was startled to find that all variables and subroutines were named with the vilest (and most creative) obscenities.


* Quickly reach full speed on the Downhill Course. The momentum helps you get smoothly through the turns. Minimize turning on Downhill. This costs you speed. Pick a line to take you to the next gate instead of making lots of small turns.

* In Slalom when the gates are close together, turn uphill out of the first gate to get into position for the second gate.

* If any part of the skier passes between the flags, the skier gets credit for making the gate. So you can go beyond the gate and up through the bottom and it will count.

* If you think it will take more than 5 seconds to make a gate (penalty time for missing it), skip it!


Program: Scott Reynolds

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