U.F.O. Kamen Yakisoban - Kettler no Kuroi Inbou [Model SHVC-Y9]

A 24-year-old Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. by Denz

U.F.O. Kamen Yakisoban - Kettler no Kuroi Inbou [Model SHVC-Y9] screenshot

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U.F.O. 仮面ヤキソバン ケトラーの黒い陰謀 © 1994 Denz

(U.F.O. Kamen Yakisoban - Kettler no Kuroi Inbou)

U.F.O. Kamen Yakisoban is probably what happens when large food corporations decide to make video games. U.F.O fried noodles are extremely popular in Japan, and this hilarious game is entirely based on their line of products. UFO Kamen Yakisoban is a side scrolling beat'em up featuring Yakisoban, super hero with super yakisoba powers. In a galaxy far far away (only 10 billion kilometers from Earth actually), Yakisoban, the prince of the peaceful Yakisobaan planet, is about to embark on a quest to save princess Mayumi. She was kidnaped by the evil kettle head Ketora who decided to hide on a nearby planet, Earth. Yakisoban comes complete, with giant UFO helmet and special Yakisoban sauce spray guns. Enemies vary from human shaped monsters wearing sunglasses and suits, to pink weirdoz wearing kettle helmets. Bosses also have 'traditional' Japanese food features, like the sort of okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) oven waiting for Yakisoban at the end of the first stage. Our hero can use standard fighting tricks including punches, combo punches and kicks. Quickly hit a direction twice and he will roll into a ball or launch a jump-kick attack. Yet, our noddle man has another secret weapon - he can charge up a yakisoba sauce attack by holding the punch button long enough. This attack can be even powered-up if he can find spare yakisoba containers scattered throughout the game. Finally, items such as food can be found hidden inside some objects of the scenery. One-of special attacks can be found this way, like the monocyle making Yakisoban invincible for a short amount of time.


[Model SHVC-Y9]


Released on October 14, 1994 in Japan for 5980 Yen.

The first edition of U.F.O. Kamen Yakisoban was given away as a promotional gift by the dried noodle company. A second edition was later sold in stores through the usual channels.

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com