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Turtles © 1981 Stern Electronics.

Export release. Game developed by Konami as '600'. See original "600 [Model GX353]" for more information about the game itself.

Differences between Turtles and 600:
1) In Turtles you're playing against other bugs/turtles. In 600 you're up against race cars.
2) In Turtles you grab each KidTurtle and bring them home. In 600 you must grab up all KidTurtles before the exit appears.
3) In Turtles you must grab bombs from the center when they appear, in 600 you're given a certain amount of energy, which each bomb uses.
4) The wall graphics are a bit more blocky in 600. Also, the cut scenes in between racks in 600 only show one ladder, with the turtle climbing alone.


Turtles came in an upright cabinet. This game used the standard 'Stern' cabinet that most Stern titles used, sideart was often just a painted 'Stern' logo on these. The marquee, monitor bezel, and control panel overlay all feature delightful cartoon turtle graphics in a very distinct style. The control panel has a single ball-top 4-Way joystick mounted in the center, with bomb buttons way off to each side.


Turtles was released in December 1981.

Konami originally wrote this game but it was licensed to Stern for US and European distribution), and only a limited number of games were made bearing the 600 name. Konami also licensed this title to Sega as well, which they released under the name "Turpin".

Entex Industries released a board game based on this video game (same name) in 1982 : It's each player's goal to rescue as many cute little turtlettes as possible and bring them safely back to the home pond. But watch out for the evil beetles because they're out to get you!


Entex AdventureVision (1982)
Emerson Arcadia 2001 (1982) "Turtles Turpin"
G7000 Videopac

VFD handheld game (1982) released by Entex : Play against the computer, or head to head with another player. This game has a headphone jack, volume control, and a knob that will speed up the gameplay. Pretty cool features for an old 80's handheld game!

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