Turbo Kourier

Arcade Video game published 35 years ago by Vivid Group

Turbo Kourier screenshot

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Turbo Kourier (c) 1986 Vivid Group.

Virtual Reality game w/ 3-D Polygon Graphics. Turbo Kourier places the player in the role of a futuristic courier riding a gravity-defying skyboard. The object of the game is to collect packages and energy-increasing elixir while avoiding hovering animated opponents. Players use exaggerated gestures in front of the camera to control their on-screen images as they move through full 3D-rendered foreground and background graphics and a compelling sampled soundtrack.

One of the most notable features of the game is how players control their images to 'fly' around the screen. In order to achieve this form of video manipulation, the Vivid Group reduced the size of the digital image so the system can interpret not only directional cues but also the speed with which players move. Another unique feature in this new Mandala game is the directly controlled scrolling background image, which, combined with three-dimensional graphic images, gives the game a traditional video game feel with a cutting edge look. Turbo Kourier also gives players the opportunity to display their images on a continually updated 'Top Ten' screen, which stores video 'snapshots' that are repeated with each game played and during the attract loop.


Mandala VR Module hardware.

The Mandala Virtual World System uses a video camera to display a participant's image superimposed over computer-generated graphics. Moving in front of an Ultimatte Blue screen, the Mandala participant watches the interaction on a video monitor. Partic-ipants can interact with 3D graphic objects on the screen while controlling their movements through the environment. This mode of interaction allows completely free, entirely unencumbered interaction with the virtual environment.


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