TRON - Deadly Discs [Model MT5662]

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by M Network

Emulated in MAME !

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TRON - Deadly Discs © 1982 M Network

TRON is alone, standing in the center of an arena with walls on all sides. Three doors open and three computer-controlled attackers enter the ring. The contest is on! Warriors more around throwing destroyer discs. Split-second reflexes keep TRON in motion, dodging their deadly aim. Keep him moving...he can only withstand 5 hits before he is 'de-rezzed' (that is, he dies). Try a fast exit... 'teleport' (in one door and out another) and surprise his attackers. Fire back and hit as many of them as possible. Warriors destroyed by TRON's disc are replaced every 10 seconds, unless you clear the board by getting them before they get him. If you succeed in knocking down all of his opponents before the replacements arrive, you advance a scoring level. This increases the point value of each opponent hit. As your score goes higher, warriors become faster, more aggressive, their discs speed up, and they throw them more often. It's an action packed game in which only the swift survive.


Model MT5662


* Keep TRON on the run! A moment's hesistationmay cost him his life! Dodge oncoming discs while trying to hit as many warriors as possible.

* Be careful in the corners. It's easy to get trapped there!

* Lock as many doors open as you can. "Teleport" to escape being hit or to surprise your attackers.

* When 'teleporting' TRON, think ahead and watch out! Don't run smack into a warrior or group of warriors on the other side. That could prove deadly!


Programmers: Jeff Ronne, Brett Stutz

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