Transformers - Shadows Rising

Arcade Video Game published 1 years ago by SEGA Amusements, Inc.

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The evil Decepticons are back with another plan to conquer the Earth, so you must join up with the Autobots (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe) to save humanity.

Transformers Shadows Rising is the sequel to the 2013 arcade exclusive release, Transformers: Human Alliance. Both games are based upon the Michael Bay directed Transformers movies, but follow their own story lines. Like in that previous game, you play as a human character, supporting the Autobots in their battles. Occasionally, a support event appears where you must blast the targets on a Decepticon attacker to assist the Autobot defender in defeating them.

A new addition to the game is a Hypertech Energy Lever - a spring-loaded two way joystick with LED's in the ball top. When you collect HyperTech energy cubes, you can push the joystick forward for a major attack (affecting all on-screen enemies) or a temporary defensive shield by pushing down. There are also occasionally QTEs where you need to push the lever on time in a certain direction to continue.

Shadows Rising features four stages: Shanghai, London, the West Pacific and finally, the Moon.


Powered by Sega's PC-Based Ringedge 2 system. While Human Alliance also used the Ringedge 2, the newer design uses a more recent graphics card.

Comes with a 55" 1080p HD display

The guns use the tried-and-true method of two potentiometers to detect the position of the gun.


Released in July 2018.

First revealed at the Amusement Expo 2018 event in March 2018, Las Vegas.

Where Human Alliance used a cabinet designed to look like the character Bumblebee, Shadows Rising uses Optimus Prime's truck mode for a design.

Features a number of achievements that can be earned throughout the game; many of which are labeled after classic Sega arcade games including OutRunners (awarded for defeating certain enemies during a chase scene) and Zaxxon (awarded for a strong performance during the space battle above the moon).


Features a combo scoring system where destroying an enemy within a couple of seconds adds to the combo chain. The combo starts with a +1000 point bonus, then adds 500 points to each consecutive combo in the chain.


Hypertech Energy cubes can be held over for use later in the level; the attack will instantly clear out any screen targets. This is extremely useful during "bullet time" slow down events where many targets will appear on an enemy.


1. Transformers - Human Alliance (2013)
2. Transformers - Shadows Rising (2018)

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