Transformers Animated - The Chase

A 8-year-old Arcade Video Game by SEGA Enterprises

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Transformers Animated - The Chase © 2010 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

Transformers Animated The Chase is an arcade racing game with two steering wheels where you chase down and knock out Deception cars. One or two players can take the wheel of their characters of choice by swiping the bar-codes on the Transformers Cards scanner developed for the game, which inserts the characters into the game. Cards could be bought in randomized 5-packs, or came packaged with certain toys.
The game introduces two new characters: Chromia and Grinder. There are also several original same-character redecos scattered throughout. Though it is an Animated game, several character cards were made for toys from other franchises, primarily Generation 1, though characters from the live-action film series and even Beast Wars have popped up.


Transformers Animated - The Chase the Arcade Video Game
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