Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer [Model JA256]

A 22-year-old Atari Jaguar Cart. by Telegames, Inc.

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Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer © 1996 Telegames.

It has been several months since we've been in Lamini. The repairs to our ship are almost complete and the crew's morale is finally on the rise. We've heard no news on the wars in Airatose, we've heard no news at all. No information seems to reach or leave this dungeon of an island.

At first, when we ran aground, I thought this was paradise. But having to go through what we have, I would have considered being in one of Sargon's torture cells, paradise. At the time of the wreck, we were alive, and that's all that mattered. Now I realize, time soothes the emotions and things appear as they truly are.

As I've stated before there is no information, not just about Airatose, but anything. This island seems to be cut off from the rest of reality. No one will talk about anything, besides the current affairs here on Lamini. All the people of power seem to be extreme wielders of magic and there is no real outside trade. So how did these mages become so wealthy.

There have been rumors of Lamini's elite guards not returning from a quest. We've been asked to see Farale, the new sheriff. We entered Farale's office. A stout man in his later ages sat behind a desk. We quickly exchanged greetings and he began to speak about a lord named Daggan.

"Lord Daggan was once a good man, who held one of the high seats on the council. He was an avid astronomer, who made many discoveries. Then one day he resigned his commission, stating only that his research takes precedence over any problems we might have."

"Strange happenings soon followed. Mighty explosions were seen at his tower, but when examined, not a trace of damage. Also, he's been seen excavating bones out of the mystic's graveyard. When the council inquired about his doings, he flew into a screaming rage."

"At that point we knew he had gone mad, and must be stopped. All knights and sages who held a chair on the Lamini council, were sent to either make him come to his senses or destroy him. They never returned."

"Several well known thieves were spotted leaving Daggan's tower with bags full of treasure. We caught and questioned one of the hoodlums. What he confessed to us was truly amazing. He spoke of Daggan's guards being very dimwitted and that sneaking around them was very easy, especially for a man of his talents. He also spoke of strange beings, the likes that I have never heard. Eyes with large wings that fly and wield powerful magic. Creatures made out of the earth itself. Giant men made of iron, living fire and other unnatural beings."

"Also inside the tower, just lying around the floors were the bones and weapons of previous looters who were not so quick for Daggan's guards. Feces from animals, that were never picked up. This is very strange for Daggan, he was normally a very tidy and neat man. It seems that his tower, which is still in the process of being built, is falling apart. Normally we wouldn't have believed a word of what this thief was saying, but it was the way he told his story. You could just feel the unbelievable truth."

"Once again we ask you to help us with our problems. We feel that sending only one of you in, to stop Daggan, is to our best advantage. He would never expect only one man. Here is a letter from the thief. It gives pictures and descriptions of the creatures you might encounter."

"The reward we have to offer is very small, but anything you find in Daggan's tower is yours to keep. When you return, a small keep will be built for you. Thus you will always have a home in Lamini."


Model JA256


* Easter Eggs:
- Change screen-size: Pause, C + (L/R)
- Center screen: Pause, C + (U/D)
- Secret room: In the test area (reached from the library on level 3), enter the test of magic. At the red square of carpet with two candles use the levitation spell to see the secret room.

* Cheats:
God Mode: Pause, 3+7, 1+9

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