Towering Inferno [Model VC1009]

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by US Games

Emulated in MAME !

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Towering Inferno © 1982 US Games Corp.

Your mission is to rescue as many people as possible from the TOWERING INFERNO in order to score as many points as possible. There are 9 buildings with 9 floors, each with a different floor plan, so you have lots of work to do!

Four survivors are trapped on every floor; as the clock ticks, they dwindle to 3, then 2, then 1, until no one is left to save. Each survivor is worth 25 points.

You also score points by extinguishing the flames (1 point is scored for each flame). The flames, however, are deadly and must be avoided at all costs. If a flame touches one of your firemen, he perishes, and is replaced by another fireman, if any remain. You are given 4 firemen per floor.

If you successfully complete a floor, you and your survivors will helicopter to safety and the computer automatically advances you to the next floor, until the entire building is saved.

When you complete a building, the computer will advance you to the first floor of the next inferno until all 9 buildings are saved. But beware; its going to take lots of practice to get through all 9 buildings!

There Are 7 Game Variations:
Game 1 (one player) Game ends on any floor when there are no survivors left or when all 4 firemen are lost.
Game 2 (one player) Game ends as in variation #1; however, pushing the reset starts a new game at the same floor and score where the last game left off.
Game 3 (one player - continuous play) A practice game where the player repeats each lost floor.
Game 4 (two players) Players alternate turns on each floor. The game ends for either player when he misses a floor.
Game 5 (two players - continuous play) Players alternate turns by floor. Any player missing a floor is restarted on floor 1 of the first building.
Game 6 (two players - continuous play) Players alternate turns by floor. Any player missing a floor repeats that floor.
Game 7 (two players - continuous play) Players alternate turns by floor. If either player completes a floor, both players advance another floor.


Model VC1009


Programmer: Paul Newell
Designer: Tom Sloper

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