Toughman Contest [Model T-5001B]

The Sega Genesis 32X Game by Electronic Arts

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[CONSOLE] Sega Genesis 32X Game

Toughman Contest © 1995 Electronic Arts.


Game ID: T-5001B


Designed by: Michael Rubinelli
Developed by: Visual Concepts
Programming by: Tim Meekins
32X Programming by: Roderick L. Mann
Lead Artist: Colin Silverman
Graphic Artists: Heather Snitzer, Peter Wong, Nelson Wang, Dale Henderscheid, Matthew Crysdale
Project Manager: Jeffrey J. Thomas
Technical Assistance: Stephen Theodore Chiang
Sound & Music: Brian Schmidt
Executive Producer: Scott Orr
Producer: Michael Rubinelli
Assistant Producer: Scott Wilkinson
Testers: Foster Birch, Marc Gilliland, Sean House, Michael Caldwell
Technical Director: David Walker
Product Manager: H. Erik Whiteford
Licensed by: Adore Ltd.
Special Thanks: Arthur Dore Sr., Kevin Hogan, Eric Esch (Butter Bean), Gordon Bellamy, Coolio, Spoon, Shelly Haute, Cheri Fischer

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