Total Destruction

Arcade Video Game published 27 years ago by Virtuality

Not emulated yet.


Total Destruction © 1991 Virtuality.

A car racing game.


1000SD hardware

Type of interface: Imersive -HMD-
Physical posture: Sit Down
Motion of the platform: No
Controls: Twin Simple joystick
Computer platform: Amiga 3000
Type of display: Virtuality Visette 1
Tracking: Ascension Bird
Size of the Unit: 5 x 5 H 48 inches
Unit Description: Stand alone POD

Graphical Information:
- Texture mapping capability: No
- Number of Polygon per second: 30,000 flat shaded f: 20 f/s
- Number of max. moving objects: 256
- Other Graphical Info: Flat Shaded, TMS 34020 graphic processor with TMS 34082 co-processor

- Type of Sound1 Mb 8Bit sample memory (Stereo)
- Music Background: Yes (CDs)

Network Information:
- Max. Number of units networked locally: 4
- Max. Number of units networked remotely: No

Other Technical Description:
- Mic Net connection between players


'W Industries' was the previous name of Virtuality.

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