Tooth Protectors

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by DSD-Camelot

Emulated in MAME !

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Tooth Protectors © 1983 DSD-Camelot.

The object of Tooth Protectors is to guide T.P.(the Tooth Protector) as he protects the teeth during a Snack Attack. Valuable points are accumulated as T.P. deflects the cubes dropped by the Snack Attackers. Additionally, if you are successful in protecting the teeth from decay, valuable bonus points can also be earned.

If T.P. misses a number of cubes, the teeth begin to blink, a sign of decay. Additional Tooth Protectors can be called by pressing the red Action Button. The toothbrush, dental floss and fluoride dental rinse pass over the teeth, in order, cleaning up the teeth by removing all the plaque.

The game ends if 3 teeth disappear, or if 3 T.P.s are carried away and eliminated by the Snack Attackers.

When you are successful in protecting the teeth, valuable points will be accumulated, and there will be no end to the fun you can have!


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100 game points are earned for each cube T.P. deflects.
1,000 points are earned if a deflected cube hits another falling cube.
10,000 BONUS POINTS are earned if all teeth remain at the end of a Snack Attack.
5,000 BONUS POINTS are earned if only 1 tooth is lost.
1,000 BONUS POINTS are earned if 2 teeth are lost.

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