Tokimeki Memorial [Model KMCD4007]

A 24-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Konami

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Tokimeki Memorial © 1994 Konami Company, Limited.

Tokimeki Memorial is probably the most famous dating simulation game, gaming genre totally unknown, and often misunderstood, outside Japan. You play a student in high school and have no less than three years to find and date the girl of your dreams. The ultimate goal being to date the cute red haired Fujisaki Shiori, a childhood friend. The whole game is turn based and depends on what decisions and actions you take every week, some or your abilities will either increase or decrease in consequence or your choices. Those abilities from Science, to art, sport and General Knowledge and are symbolized of the game display by simple icons, like a book or a set of potions. Special activities are also available where you can increase more attributes at the same time and also be part of special events. The goal, of course, is to become well balanced and not to spend too much time doing the same activities. However, you have to keep in mind the goal of the game is to date the girl of your dream, not to get a diploma. So being balances is good, but some girls prefer athletic guys, and other brainy ones.


Game ID: KMCD4007


Tokimeki Memorial was released on May 27, 1994 in Japan for 8800 Yen.

Game's CD.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;