A 6-year-old Arcade Video Game by SEGA

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Toirettsu © 2012 SEGA Corp.

This game is essentially a mini-games collection for men to urinate on. The more pee you get into the urinal the longer you can play. A sensor that can apparently measure the speed of one's urine stream.
Some of the mini-games include erasing graffiti with a hose (with your pee), causing wind to blow under a women's skirt (yes, with pee) and a 'bukkake battle' in which on-screen players shoot milk from their nose (pee, pee, pee!).


Toirettsu the Arcade Video Game
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Toirettsu the Arcade Video Game
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Dedicated board made by Sega

OS: Windows CE 6.0
Screen: Flat-screen LCD monitor 12.1 inches
Resolution: SVGA 800 × 600
Speaker: Mono speaker
Sensor 1: Reflective sensor infrared sensor / human presence
Sensor 2: Speed sensor
External terminal: USB
Size: 407mm (depth) × 67.2mm (width) x 440mm
Weight: 2.9Kg
Power consumption: 14W, 0.29A (AC 100V 50/60Hz)


The location test would be at Japanese restaurant chain Yoronotaki that would install "Toirettsu" at forty of its restaurants.
The game's title is a word play on 'toy', 'let's' and 'toilets'.

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