Todd's Adventures in Slime World [Model PA2029]

A 28-year-old Atari Lynx Game by Atari

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Todd's Adventures in Slime World © 1990 Atari Corp.

You are Todd, a bold and nearly fearless galactic explorer. Whether you are by yourself, or part of a two to eight man crew, you like nothing better than planets full of weird and dangerous creatures. On an exploration mission in the Andromeda sector, you dis- cover a mysterious drifting starship. You board the deserted ship, and retrieve part of the captains log.

The log describes Slime World, a planet teeming with slime gooey disgusting life forms. You only have the first section of each dates entry, so the information is maddeningly incomplete. But when you reach the first reference to valuable slime gems, you immediately order the android copilot to set in a course for Slime World!

When you arrive you discover that Murphy's Law works overtime on Slime World. Whatever can go wrong does go wrong. In many adventures a new and exciting monkey wrench is thrown into the gears. And every misadventure is populated with Maggots, Drools, and other revolting creatures.

In one adventure you discover that there is only one escape capsule and it's a one seater. Unfortunately there are more crewmembers than there are seats. Will you get to it first, or will you be stranded forever with nothing but slimeballs for neighbors?

Slip and slide your way through six complex solo adventures and, if you are Comlynxed, six challenging multi-player adventures. Try not to get slimed, and keep those aliens from getting stuck to your face!


Model PA2029


1990 - Consoles + HS N.2 [FR]: 81/100


Maggot: 300
Mildew: 1,200
Groach: 3,900
Flyhead: 4,700
Scab: 4,800
Blob: 4,900
Drools: 5,900
Octospid: 7,800
Hidden Snapper: 8,400
Headsucker: 8,700
Spitter: 8,800
Redeye: 9,700
Tapeworm: 9,900
Bloodfly: 9,900

Tools: 5,000
Slime Gem: 10,000
Super Slime Gem: 100,000


* Invincibility: At the title screen, press and hold OPTION 2, then press and hold OPTION 1, then press and hold the Up+Right, and then release all the buttons. There is no confirmation that the cheat is activated until you start playing. Press the OPTION 2 button while still at the title screen if you want to turn the "music" back on.

* Zit Popping Contest: A 'Zit Popping' game can be played by going to the summary screens and then going to the screen where Todd is pictured green. Press OPTION 2 and you'll see a zit. Blow it up by hitting the buttons as fast as you can. This also works in multi-player mode where it becomes a competition against your opponent.

* Hidden Passageways: When you reach the first exit of what appears to be the end of the 'Adventure 6: Arcade', shoot your gun into the upper right hand corner of the wall. A part of the wall will disappear revealing the secret passage way. If you can't continue on, then try shooting at the wall some more. Notice that whenever you find an exit in this level don't be fooled, it isn't the end of the game! There is always (except for the last exit #6) another hidden passage to the right of it! When you are in this secret area of the game you find a message (only readable from the map screen) alluding to the zip popping contest.


Programmer: Peter Engelbrite

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