Tip the Scale

A Coin-op Redemption Game by ICE

Not emulated yet.


Tip the Scale © 20?? ICE.

Tip The Scales is yet another innovative Crane concept from ICE that will do great business for operators.

This innovative, candy crane is set to take centre stage in this sector -- it has player appeal all over it with it's gamble type gameplay which gives players a chance to win more than they pick up in one go -- or, if they're greedy, lose the lot.

With Tip The Scales, the player picks up candy and drops it onto the 'scales' at rear of playfield which has a gauge with 3 regions. Yellow, Orange and Red -- the object of the players is to load up the payout through the Yellow and as far into the Orange as possible, without going into the Red, 'cause if they hit the Red, they've lost the lot.

The player can push the "Take Win" button and get his pickup without risk of losing it, but most players go for the big payout, and of course there's many greedy ones that go that little bit too far.

On-board auditing tells the operator: How many 'Take Wins": (player pressed the win button) How many losses (the greedy ones), average weight of winnings when player pressed win button, average wagon movements per game, and the actual percentage paid out to the customer, so it's easy to keep the machine operating at it's peak.


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