Timezone [Model AT 314]

A 33-year-old Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. by Atlantis Soft.

Not emulated in MAME


Timezone © 1985 Atlantis.

Vandals have been at your Time Machine again and have removed eight of the component parts. They have scattered these parts throughout time and space. As a veteran Time Traveller you have effected temporary repairs utilising your stock of chewing gum, sellotape and string. You are now in a position to retrieve the missing parts.

Each part is in a matrix of interconnecting rooms. Each Timezone has a larger matrix of rooms. Transition between Timezones cannot be achieved until the component has been retreived from the present Timezone. Due to the hostile enviroment you must send out your Robot Retriever to get the missing parts. Your Robot Retriever is armed with a power Laser. The Laser Bolts are limited in number by the skill level that you select and will only fire when your dog is facing left or right. Points are scored for each monsters that you kill and a bonus is given for each race of monsters that you completely obliterate. Once you have killed a monster, that room becomes safe as no more will appear there.


Game ID: AT 314