Time Lord [Model NES-LZ-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 32 years ago by MB

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Time Lord © 1990 Milton Bradley Co.

It is the year 2999, and warriors from the planet Drakkon are launching a savage attack on Earth. Their weapon: a powerful time travel device. Their objective: to control us by changing the course of our history.

To win this war, we must meet the Drakkons on a unique and dangerous battleground: our own past!

You are a fearless fortune-hunter, hired by desperate scientists for an experimental journey into the 4th dimension. Your code name is Time Lord. Your mission: blast into the past to save the present from certain doom!

Battle the aliens in four historical time zones. Search for weapons sent back by the scientists - and decide when to use them. Solve puzzles to collect the mysterious Orbs that hold the secret of time travel.

Be cautious yet quick, Time Lord. You have one short year to free history or be history! And the evil Drakkons have all the time in the world...




Released in September 1990 in the USA.

Export releases:
[UK] "Time Lord [Model NES-LZ-UKV]"
[DE] "Time Lord [Model NES-LZ-NOE]"


Programmed by : Simon Hallam (SAL)
Design by : Tim Stamper (TOM), Chris Stamper
Graphic artist : Kev Bayliss (KIM), Tim Stamper (TOM), Trevor Hill (MAX)
With art help from : Rachel Edwards (RAY)
Music and sound by : David Wise (DON)
Quality assurance by : Stephen Stamper (SUE), Louise Stamper (LIZ)

Others from high score table: (BOB), (MAX), (KIM)


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