A 19-year-old Arcade Video Game by Perception

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ThunderBoats © 1999 Perception.

Thunderboats places you in control of the most mind numbingly, hair raising, lightning fast boats on the planet. Race against computer controlled opponents or against your mates. Features :
* 6 fantasy Thunderboat tracks with unlockable routes (easy, medium and hard levels of difficulty) & mirrored mode.
* Four Jet Sprint tracks that are tight challenging courses - is like rally driving on water. 18 Boats to choose with two propulsion systems- jet and propeller.
* Dynamically changing water chop, allowing for different sections of the track to be rough or calm and a fully interactive wake.
* Compete against up to 20 AI opponents in single player mode.
* Modes : Freestyle, Tournament, Practice, Knockout, Time Attack (with Ghost mode), Tag.
* Two driving models - Arcade and custom. Arcade is the default setting, while custom will allow you to adjust performance selectors. They are : Top Speed, Handling, Acceleration and Trim.
* Network play between up to 8 players, via modem (head to head), local area networks (LAN) and the Internet (TCP).
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