Thexder [Model SQF-TX]

A 33-year-old Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Square

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Thexder © 1985 Square Company, Limited.

Thexder is a multi-scrolling action shooter published by Square and developed by Bits, and it is the conversion of a popular Japanese action game originally created by Game Arts in 1985. Thexder takes place in a distant future and the player assumes the role of an elite mecha pilot on a lone and perilous commando mission to save humanity. The objective of the game is to absolve several large maze-like bases and to destroy the enemy's mainframe computer. The humanoid combat vehicle is equipped with a powerful auto-targeting rifle gun (provided the enemies are near enough), as well as a limited particle shield allowing it to withstand damage from enemy fire for a short amount of time. But the battle robot comes with another ingenious feature - it is capable of transforming into a fighter-jet, zipping around at high speeds through small gaps and narrow corridors and able to reach areas the humanoid robot can't. However, the jet trades away speed and maneuverability for weaker weaponry and can only shoot forward... Another important aspect of the game is energy management (which also acts as health). The player starts his mission with two hundred energy units and using the shield (which drains thirty points) or getting hit by enemy fire significantly reduces it - energy depletes fast in Thexder and if the counter reaches zero, the robot goes to oblivion. Thankfully, some (rare) enemies release energy when destroyed and give the player temporary relief. Thexder consists of five levels and is single-player only.


Cartridge ID: SQF-TX


Thexder was released on December 19, 1985 in Japan for 5500 Yen.

Thexder was originally developed by Game Arts in 1985. The first version was released for the NEC PC-8801 Japanese computer and the game soon became a hit. It was later ported to several Japanese systems. This Famicom port of Thexder has noticeable differences with the original game. There are only five levels (compared to sixteen) and the stage layout is different in many places. But the major departure from the original game is the auto-targeting laser which was replaced with a less effective and slower auto-targeting bullet gun.

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