The Tinder Box

A Slot Machine by Belatra

The Tinder Box screenshot

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The Tinder Box © 200? Belatra.

5-row 15-line cascade video slot.


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Based on the fascinating fairy tale of H.C. Andersen.


Risk Game : There are 15 converse mirrors in front of the soldier. His task is to open the real mirror. In this case the win is doubled and one of the spelled mirrors loses its force. If the soldier sees the witch instead of his own reflection the whole win remains behind the mirror.

Free Games : Every time when three Soldier symbols fall on the lines the figure in the counter in the left upper corner of the screen is increased. As soon as the number of points reaches ten the gambler gets into the Free Game mode. The number of Free Games depends upon the number of times the gorgeous princess appears on the screen.

Bonus Game : The most thrilling adventure starts after three or more Apron symbols occur on the reels. Four doors arise in front of the soldier. The gluts of wealth are hidden only behind three of them. The brave soldier throws the apron over the dogs eyes, starts digging as many coins as possible and puts them into the handcart, until the dog takes away the apron. In case the soldier is quick enough and manages to jump away in time he can easily leave the treasure-house. Then the gambler is given a chance to continue playing in the Bonus or to return to the main game.