The Terminator [Model NES-NA-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 29 years ago by Mindscape, Inc.

The Terminator [Model NES-NA-USA] screenshot

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The Terminator © 1992 Mindscape, Incorporated.

Just like the movie, you assume the role of Kyle Reese, a traveller from the future who returns to modern-day L.A. to protect the life of Sarah Conner - the beautiful woman who holds the key to the survival of the human race. Your mission: Outwit and outmaneuver a brutal killing machine known as the Terminator. He's big, he's bad and he's virtually unstoppable - let's hope you're smarter! Featuring 10 huge main levels pumped up with hardcore weaponry and heavy-hitting adversaries.




Released in December 1992 in the USA.


Produced by: Chris Robertson, Alan Blouin, Rory Armes, Paul Wilkinson
Executive Producer: Ian McGee
Associate Producer: Linda C. Norton
Business Group Senior Vice President: Mark Beaumont
Product Marketing Assistant: Debra L. Miliken
Quality Assurance: Ken George, Wi Kian Tang
Technical Support: Larry Coffey, Kevin P. Costello, Stephen Feaster, Milton Hodges, Christopher R. Kosel, David Locke, Douglas J. Valente
Technical Support Manager: Dave Buoncristiani
Senior Vice President / Chief Technical Officer: David P. Grenewetzki
Marketing Project Manager: Julie Lippold Stier
Graphic Design: Judy Ringseis, Leanne York
Technical Writer: Anne O'Brien
Copy Writer: Michael C. Miller
Trafficking: Mary H. Eaves, Shannon Van Scotter
Creative Director: Lyza Latham
Marketing Director: Craig Harper
Public Relations: Tracy Egan, Doug Mealy
Legal Services: Ted Grabowski, Paul Jakab


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