The Spectre Files

A Arcade Video Game by Bally Midway Mfg.

Not emulated in MAME


The Spectre Files © 198? Bally Midway.


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Developed by Game Refuge.

Never released.

Brian Colin says : "When the Laser Disc Game craze hit the coin-op market, I jumped at the chance to create a feature-length interactive film/game modeled after an interactive text adventure I had written some time earlier. Working with co-workers, amateurs and film students in an unheated, abandoned mental institution on a shoestring budget that covered little more than the film and processing, we finished the completed the film in just under 8 months. Unfortunately, by that time, Bally/Midway had been badly criticized for their decision to use Video Disc technology, NOT Laser-Disc technology, on their much-touted NFL game disc project, and all future game disc projects were abandoned".


Initial text game design & development : Brian Colin, Marty Broeske.
Film Production : Brian Colin, Jon Nicholson