The Scrooge

A Slot Machine by Belatra

The Scrooge screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


The Scrooge © 200? Belatra.

5-reel 15-line video slot. There is a cherished apple-tree in the garden of the Scrooge, and it has wonderful apples growing on it. Before the harvest ripens the owner can try to double his wealth when playing cards. For this purpose one needs to guess which of the four cards is higher than that opened by the dealer.


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Bonus Game : When three or more Scrooge symbols occur on the reels the bonus game is started. The fruits are ripened and start falling down. But no apple can get lost for the Scrooge. He catches them in his bosom. In case he doesn't manage to keep the apples by himself they all go to the smart hedgehog. And this makes the win in the bonus game. Sometimes the greed causes the T-shirt of the Scrooge to be torn and in this case all the apples remain with the hedgehog.

Free Game : The Scrooge also has his day when WOW occurs on the reels. After choosing one letter in the word the Scrooge learns how many times he can play free. But thats no end for his luck. When the free games are drawn there are three Wow Wild! symbols on the reels. They turn into any symbol needed to get a win combination.

The Second Bonus : When there are three pants hung on the rope placed on the three middle reels the player can learn how much one pair of them costs. The figure opened is a reward for curiosity.