The Rolling Stones

Pinball published 11 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

Not listed in MAME yet.

The Rolling Stones © 2011 Stern Pinball, Incorporated.


Dimensions: H: 75 1/2 in., W: 27 in., D: 55 in.
Weight: 250lbs


The Rolling Stones was released on February 11, 2011.


V1.10 - November 10, 2011
System Changes:
- Fixed a boot-up issue where the game would occassionally not power up properly
- Modified tilt to handle game images of larger size.
- Added a flash image verification at power-up when left flipper is held.
- Added a checksum to the end of the image file.
- Added an adjustment where you can disable the tilt mechanism when the coin door is opened.
- Fixed an issue where auxiliary coils were not being turned off properly.
- Fixed a flipper issue where the power coils would be reactivated incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue where the number of days remaining in a tournament during attract mode showed incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue in an image decompression algorithm.
- Added checksum generation for blocks read and programmed.
- Added some amount of error detection/recovery.
- Added serial menu

Game Changes:
- Restored default rolling stones pro settings
- Fixed misspelled German word.
- Fixed a typo that caused the right ramp to not un-light when it was shot for a combo.
- Fixed a pop bumper display bug where scores were being shown incorrectly.

V1.05 - March 15, 2011
- added mini wizard, wizard mode requirement audits, removed unused audits, added super combos started audit.
- added records lit audit, added right 3 bank target hits audit.
- added "Super Combos" start speech, changed how the flippers move the bottom lane lamps.
- Changed "more time" values for modes from the adjustment value to 15 seconds.
- Mystery was not allowing "add more time" for mode two.
- Added "more time" via mystery for the super combos.
- Changed super combo timer to seconds.
- Added a total page for the super combo.
- fixed Album multiball background flaser effect.
- no instructional speech during any multiball.
- added speech session #3 assests
- new right 3 bank completed light fx.

V1.04 - March 10, 2011
- added lightshows to 3 bank target completion
- added lightshows to the rock star rule
- added art to rock star jackpot grows display effect
- added shaker f/x to the orbits rule
- added shaker effects
- changed special points
- fixed a problem where rock star targets were scoring twice
- fixed background display glitch when starting a mode at the center lock while world tour is running.
- Fixed a timer display problem.
- fixed game to pauses timer when the center up/down latch is up.
- mode shots left for mode start lit now pauses timers.
- added generic switch scores to the center lock switches
- add-a-ball mystery award now has a higher priority over the time added award
- slingshots were not being added to valid playfield.

V1.03 - March 3, 2011
- fixed a bug where rock star multiball didn't restart during it's grace period
- fixed German text
- fixed English text
- added German speech

V1.02 - March 2, 2011
- added new music, fixed Italian translations
- added Italian translations
- Fixed timer seconds for Mixed Emotions mode. Fixed lamp blink reference numbers.
- fixed notes on "Hitting Mick" display effect (they were not blinking correctly)
- added rock star sounds, lightshows, dots.
- added flyby sound to world tour intro.
- added art to mode multiball total display effect.
- Added a lamp effect for mode multiball ready.
- Starting mode multiball would not increase the number of records that needed to be collected to start the next mode multiball. This has been corrected.
- Added art to the background display effects for mode multiball. When competition mode was set, modes could not be started. This has been corrected.
- fixed Spanish text
- fixed Album Multiball jackpot display fx where different album covers were not being shown.
- added Spanish translations

V1.01 - February 25, 2011
- added new album multiball background art
- added Encore multiball rule
- added Encore sound fx
- added rockstar sound f/x
- mick waits for valid playfield before moving
- added speech to mode start
- less instructional speech
- added licks speech
- added super skill shot
- fixed top lanes completed display bug
- swapped mode start speech.
- Mode multiball was not unlighting itself when started. This has been corrected.
- Level #1 wizard mode now awarded at MIN records collected (10).
- Mode multiball was not being stopped appropriately. This has been corrected.
- Cleaned up background display effects for modes and mode multiball.
- Added information (instructions and timer) to the super combo background display effect.
- Fixed mode background lamps. Mode lamps are now off after they are scored.
- fixed mick movement (Medium/Hard/Extra Hard) settings
- added rockstar multiball sound fx.
- Changed mode #4 to be a spinner mode.
- Mode display effects show the number of records collected for each shot.
- Changed up the rule for mode two.
- Added the number of records left for mode multiball lit to the mode background display effects.
- added new album jackpot fx
- added french text to the game.
- Added new artwork for record multiball.
- Modes now score multiplied values when necessary.
- Fixed total/choreography issues with the mini wizard mode.
- Added combo adjustments for mini wizard mode.
- Added super combo adjustments for wizard mode.
- added ronnie skill shot art
- added new play records speech
- using different encore multiball art compression
- new extra ball/lit sounds added
- mini wizard mode suppresses other rules from starting.
- Mode multiball now scores multipliers along with the super jackpot.
- Added a display effect for lighting the super combo.
- Added a background display effect for the super combo.
- Added an adjustment for counting records towards lighting record multiball.
- Added a display and lamp effect for lighting record multiball.
- Fixed a bug with mode five adjustment values specifying mode four adjustment values.
- added sticks/drum to multiplier award screen
- added super combo music
- added advance records/lit speech
- added art to licks background
- added multipliers lit speech
- added new sexy girl images to Licks background
- scoring changes were made to the ramp rule
- ramp rule display effect shows points awarded.
- added earth art to world tour intro
- added encore intro art
- added art to extra ball
- added art to extra ball lit
- added skill shot art
- made ramp rule harder
- scores adjusted.
- added special/replay/token/ticket/BNW art