The Pyramid

A 35-year-old Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. by Fantasy Soft.

The Pyramid screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


The Pyramid © 1983 Fantasy Software.

The Pyramid is an arcade style game which has a very adventurous feel to it.

The Pyramid contains 120 chambers on 15 levels. In order to get from one chamber to another you must fight off the indigenous aliens to collect an energised crystal which will neutralize the force field guarding the two exits.

The Pyramid is inhabited by a total of 60 wierd and exotic alien types, all of which are beautifully animated. You will meet a whole variety of demons, droids, insects and monsters, with a sprinkling of the more unusual, the extra-terrestrial tweezers, galactic strawberry, cosmic claw, mutant eye, plus a whole host of entities that defy rational description. You will no doubt invent your own nicknames.

You proceed to explore the pyramid from top to bottom with the difficulty generally increasing with the depth of level. Depending on the choice of exit from each chamber you are likely to have a different game every time you play.

Apart from the challenge of trying to achieve the highest score possible the pyramid contains a number puzzle to solve. The more chambers you successfully visit the more information is gathered to enable you to discover the secret numbers of the pyramid.

The puzzle won't take you days to solve, it will probably take you a few months.

The manned craft shown in the pyramid above is your exploratory capsule and is a true representation of the on screen graphics.


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