The Price Is Right - First Edition

A 28-year-old Microsoft DOS Soft. by GameTek, Inc.

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The Price Is Right - First Edition © 1990 GameTek, Incorporated.

COME ON DOWN! That's right it's finally your turn to guess the price of those fabulous prizes. And if you come closest without going over, you'll get a chance to go for the really big money. This terrific computer version is just like the exciting TV show.

The Price Is Right is one of television's longest-running game shows, and now this fantastic home version is ready to play anytime you want a little excitement. Now you can test your skill at some of the great prize and pricing contests that made this great game show famous. You can even play the showcase round. Join the fun today. Be a part of the action. Be a winner!
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Programmed by: Wayne HOY, Kevin KRUSE

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