The Pinball Circus

The Pinball by Midway Mfg. Co.

Not emulated in MAME


[COIN-OP] Pinball

The Pinball Circus © 1994 Midway.


Midway WPC-Security
Model Number : 60020

Main CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Sound CPU : ADSP2105 (@ 10 MHz)
Sound chip : DMA-driven DAC


This was a prototype game; only two complete machines were made. One of them is owned by former Williams pinball designer Steve Kordek, and the other one is owned by a former Williams executive.


Designer : Python Anghelo
Artwork : Pat McMahon, Ray Czajka
Software : Dan Lee
Dots/Animation : Scott Slomiany, Eugene Geer
Music and Sounds : Dan Forden

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