The Ocean Hunter - The Seven Seas Adventure

A 20-year-old Arcade Video Game by SEGA Enterprises

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The Ocean Hunter - The Seven Seas Adventure © 1998 Sega.

Players will encounter an array of marine life, which dominate the seven seas, while exploring ancient ruins indicating the fascinated by the spectrum of colors, created by the sun light shining through the water, The battle is not only against the threatening marine life, but the titanic icebergs, which are capable of sinking the Ocean Hunter. Featuring spectacular underwater graphics and effects through seven stages:
1) Baroque Sea
2) Luna Sea
3) Tartarus Deep
4) Texcoco Great-Lake
5) North Sea
6) West Ocean
7) Panthalassa


The Ocean Hunter - The Seven Seas Adventure the Arcade Video Game
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Runs on the Sega "Model 3 Step 2.1" hardware.


The Ocean Hunter was released in September 1998.

Considered to be another rare Sega arcade game.


* Avoid Sea Dragon: To avoid the battle with Sea Dragon, leave the diver being killed by the White Death, but then you don't get a bonus life, and score.

* Secret sea names: If you pay attention to the beginning of each sea, you'll see a book with extra features of the stage. There you can see the hidden name of two seas.
Baroque Sea is Balock Sea
Tartarus Deep is Depro Deep

* Also you can see some more hidden names on the ingame map if you pay very close attention, but be hurry to locate the sea you looking for, the map appears for 5 seconds in the Attract Mode.
Texcoco Great-Lake is Calo Lake-sea
West Ocean is Western Sea

* And at last, at the beginning of the final stage, the player will mention Panthalassa as Pantarasa.


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