The Need for Speed [Model SLUS-00204]

Sony PlayStation disc published 24 years ago by Electronic Arts

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The Need for Speed © 1996 Electronic Arts.

This is a true 'arcade simulation', and a must for racing fans.

Eight of the finest supercars ever built await your choice: Lamborghini Diablo; Ferrari 512TR; Dodge Viper; Porsche 911; Chevrolet Corvett; Acura NSX; Mazda RX7 and the Toyota Supra Turbo.

All the cars are modelled on actual performance statistics and are faithful in every aspect to their real-life counterparts - so you feel as though you're actually in the driving seat.

As well as racing against the clock, there's a computer opponent and a link-up mode. A total of 18 race segments over seven tracks are blessed with incredible, photo-realistic graphics, roaring sound and breathtaking pace. You'll certainly feel the need... the need for speed.


Game ID: SLUS-00204


Released on March 20, 1996 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "The Need for Speed [Model SLES-?????]"
[JP] "Road & Track Presents Over Drivin' DX [Model SLPS-00327]"


Lead Programmer: Wei Shoong Teh
Senior Programmer: Brad Gour
Programmers: David Lucas, Laurent Ancessi, Daniel Teh, Shelby Hubick, Daniel Swadling, Michael Pohoreski, David William Bullock
Additional Programming: Jay MacDonald, Victoria Wong, D. M. Abrahams-Gessel
Lead Artist: Kent Maclagan
Artists: Scott Jackson, Peter King, Robert Sculnick, Dejan Stanisavljevic, Thomas Graham
Track Modelling: Sheila Allan
3-D Modelling: Markus Tessmann, Kent Maclagan
Lead Audio: Alistair Hirst
Music: Jeff van Dyck, Saki Kaskamanidis, Alistair Hirst
Recording Engineers: Jeff van Dyck, Edwin Dolinski
Video Technician: Richard Mul
Development Director: Brett Bradstock
Technical Director: Brad Gour
Art Design: Scott Jackson
Producer : Hanno Lemke
Assistant Producer: Scott Blackwood
Designers: Hanno Lemke, Scott Blackwood
Production Assistant: Serena Whitters
Product Manager: Peter Royea

Road & Track
Feature Editor: Douglas Kott
Librarian: Otis D. Meyer
Car Schematics: Bill Dobson
Photography Provided by Road & Track
Additional Photography: Guy Spangenberg, Ron Perry

Special Thanks
Special Thanks: Richard Garriott, V. Paul Lee, Chris Roberts, Andrew Scott, Elias Soursos, Randy Mainwood, Laurence Malley (Mazda Canada), Bruce Iggulden (Corvette Specialties Auto Group), W.A.M., Sharx Recreational Services, Frank Barchard, Iain Macanulty, Rick Friesen, Jay Page

Additional Credits
Film Production: Cactus Production
Director: James Head
Director Of Photography: Peter Woeste
Executive Producer: Scott Kennedy
Producer: Louise Valgardson
Art Director: Ron Bignell
Policeman: Michael St. John Smith
Additional Video: Coast Mountain Post Production
Additional Music: KoKo Productions, James Bowers

Additional Musicians
Guitar: Scotty Hall
Bass Guitar: Robert Bailey, Mark Rogers
Cymbals and Hi-Hat: Chris Taylor, Darren Sleno
Vocals: Angela van Dyck, Robin Steen (Bass)
Additional Audio Editing: Jennifer Lewis, Steve Royea, Crispin Hands


Game's CD.