The Minstrel

A 66-year-old Coin-op Jukebox by Arcadia Acoustic Automatics

Not emulated in MAME


The Minstrel © 1952 Arcadia Acoustic Automatics.


The Minstrel the Coin-op Jukebox
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The Minstrel held 16 78rpm records, it was a revolutionary machine in that it could play both sides of the record having two pick up arms mounted at the top of the spindle. This gave a total of 32 selections.

The records were held in the holders on the left hand side of the machine, when a selection was made the appropriate record would swing out to the centre. The spindle would then come up from the bottom, passing through the centre of the record, and take it up to the top of the cabinet where it was clamped against the top plate. When the record was in place it would revolve, and the appropriate pick up arm top or underside would engage and play the record.

The cost per play was 3d. that's 1.25p in to-days currency. It was worked by a threepenny bit coin.

Machine's picture.