The Knowledge Computer

A 55-year-old Coin-op Misc. Game by Edex

Not emulated in MAME


The Knowledge Computer © 1963 Edex Corp.


The Knowledge Computer the Coin-op Misc. Game
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Edex Corp was spun off by Bill Nutting.

The KNOWLEDGE COMPUTER was the prototype for "Computer Quiz". Richard Ball did the re-design and marketing brief, and was hired by Bill Nutting. They produced three versions
1. Existing leaf spring relays w/simple circuit board
2. Plug in relays (like tubes) and an improved circuit board and harness
3. The first solid state plug in circuit board in coin op history.

Richard Ball created a film strip projector, and Bill a continuous loop container for the Quiz film strip. When it was advanced, the answer code was read by photocell. Nixi Tubes had just been developed, the filaments showed lighted numbers or letters. The reward buzzer and flashing lights indicated your Genius score in answering the questions.

When Richard finished the third generation and produced a color film question strip, he was fired for telling Bill to stop buying airplanes and gliders at company expense. Nolan Bushnell was brought in to complete the Concept, Design and Marketing brief I had done for a coin operated video game, "Computer Space".