The Incredible Hulk - The Pantheon Saga [Model SLUS-00150]

A 22-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by Eidos Interactive

Emulated in MAME !

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The Incredible Hulk - The Pantheon Saga © 1996 Eidos Interactive.


Game ID: SLUS-00150


Released on December 12, 1996 in the USA.


Eidos Interactive
Producer: Brian Schorr
QA: Mike Schmitt, Frank Hom, Tom Marx, Matthew Miller, Phillip Baker, Michael McHale
Music Composed & Performed: Des Tong, The Gamma Gang
Tough Guitar Riffs: Mike Hehir
Vocals: Chris Warne
Voice Talent: Ian Wilson, Brian Schorr
Manual: Brian Schorr
Marketing: Paul Baldwin, Sutton Trout, Gary Keith Brubaker, Kelly Zavislak
Executive Producer: James Poole
Manual Layout: Lee Wilkinson
For Marvel: Justin McCormack, Lisa Leatherman

Team ATD
Project Management: Chris Gibbs, Fred Gill
Lead Coders: Lyndon Sharp, Andrew Wright, Fred Gill, Jon Howard
Support Coders: Peter Long, Andrew Wright
Artwork: John Dunn, David West, Vince Shaw-Morton, Richard Priest
Additional Artwork: Tony Heap, Jon Baker
Audio: Will Davis
Thanks to: Steve Bennett, Julian Thomas

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